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Torben Wilson

Torben Wilson: An Ace In The World Of Black Arts
When it comes to perfectly blending contemporary designs with black arts, only very few designers can boast of the class of Torben Wilson. His exploits in the modern design world and his expertise in the use of black art to create interior designs is the major reason why his works still serve as a major inspiration to a lot of upcoming designers.

Wilson started designing in the year 1994 and is first attempt in the field of design came when he created furniture designs for JRW Contemporary Design. Of course, a major break for him, before he ventured into Neoterica Designs.

Torben Wilson has been designing at the top level, with beautiful inventions and innovations for Neoterica Designs. He made his way to the top and has worked hard to remain there, proving over again that he’s one of the best through the expertise he brings to every of his design.

Art Background
We cannot talk about Torben Wilson and his exploits in unique handmade black art without telling a bit about his background and how he ventured into art and design. His journey can be traced to as far back as when he was a student at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina and he has not looked back ever since.

At a Professional Level
During his time as a design apprentice, the owner of JRW Contemporary Design saw his portfolio and was instantly smitten by Torben’s eye for good design. He moved to the Bay area to start a career with JRW Contemporary Design in 1997.. His love for working on mirrors and stain glasses was particularly born after he successfully designed a beautiful mosaic 3×4-foot back-splash in North Carolina.

He would later design a set of mirrors that matched the accent of the mosaic inlays to serve as the back-splash. The combination was so beautiful that his friend enchanted, took them home within just a few days. Well, of course, the mirror had stayed in the shop for a few days, enough to melt the heart of customers and force them to make orders for the same design by Torben –

Neoterica Designs was formed. No doubt, Torben’s mirror arts are a combination of secret ingredients that are powerful to bring smiles to anyone’s day and Torben has gone on to venture into different types of interior designs.

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