The Classic Darlene Shoe Mirror

$47.50 $37.50

A high-heel shoe shaped mirror.  Handcrafted and lightweight in Construction, each mirror is made from glass miror, wood and resin.  Darlene  is the beginning of the entire shoe “craze” with Neoterica Designs.   The shoe itself measures 12 3/8 inches from back to tip of toe, 9in high with a 5 ¼ inch heel. These mirrors are a perfect size to personalize those empty spaces and make great gifts. Darlene is very easy to clean and ready to hang when she arrives.  Each mirror is a part of a limited addition to Neoterica Designs.  All come signed and dated by the artist to guarantee authenticity.  Start a collection of your own.   Like the collections says “IF the shoe fits”…..  47.50

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